ACKNO wledge and Accept.

FANTASY: An intelligent extra terrestrial special interest group is exceedingly curious about human kind’s ability to control, subdue, and manipulate one another for innumerable purposes. The human response to discovering alien espionage: nuclear war.
In a dys/utopian post-apocalyptic future world, six performers grapple with interchangeable positions of power and contort the viewers perception of the potential implications of mass hypnosis and submission. Revel in or reject your complicity in the government subsidization of hypnotherapy and dip your toes into the practice and life of one hypnotherapist: Ackno.
Ackno says: wait/ hold/ resist/ relent/ ACKNO wledge and Accept.
This performance posits the questions: What kind of strength lies in submission? Should requests to be controlled be fulfilled? How are we complicit in everyday acts of hypnosis? If we peer through the veil of free will, what do we see?