05. – 08. August 2021

After we discussed at last years Artlake Festival how a solidaric future could look like our focus for 2020 is to ACT WOW! We have to take radical steps to receive a significant transformation of our future. We all have to be role models and act as a collective society. We must become aware of our responsibility, that we must pave the way to a livable world. So let’s come together to develop strategies under this topic within the different dimensions, disciplines and formats. Let us make a change in our behavior and discuss how to act now and at the same time act wow.

On four days, musicians, artists, creative souls, utopians and activists gather in the former lignite mines at „Bergheider See" to exchange ideas about the essential topics of today and tomorrow, to learn from each other and to celebrate together. The Artlake Festival sees itself as an interdisciplinary platform which promotes creative and conscious participation as well as artistic positions and suggestions for social discourse far away from well-known institutionalized structures. Everyone can join, create, think, discuss and dance. The festival stands for a progressive pop and club culture that takes a stand. It reflects and promotes a diverse society at the interface of music, art and social policy – a space to experiment with new talents, thoughts and approaches.