Artlake Festival 2021 is cancelled

Higher, faster, further - these were the principles that have driven our society in recent years. We have exploited not only ourselves, but also our planet, and have focused on false values. This is the mirror that is currently being held before our eyes. This should lead us to question our actions. So let us use this opportunity to help shape what a new normality can look like. Under the topic ACT WOW! we want to come together at next years Artlake edition to discuss what conclusions can we draw from this crisis and what changes can we initiate to change our society for the better? We will come to terms with a new normalcy. So let’s come together to develop strategies under this topic within the different dimensions, disciplines and formats. Let us make a change in our behavior and discuss how to act now and at the same time act wow. Let's shape, create, participate .

On four days, musicians, artists, creative souls, utopians and activists gather in the beautiful nature of Brandenburg at „Bergheider See“ to exchange ideas, knowledge and creativity. Under the different topics of our eight Labs* which are filled with performances, panel discussions, workshops, presentations and speeches we come together to learn and work on the essential topics of today and tomorrow. Everyone can join to create, think, discuss and dance for a better future. Together we want to celebrate tolerance, freedom and diversity. Let’s shape, create, participate.