Frequently asked questions and their answers.

You’ll get access to the camping ground with your valid festival ticket. We don’t have any barriers between camping ground and festival site. Due to that you are more than welcome to bring your own food and drinks.
Barbecues are only allowed at the marked areas due to wildfire risk.
We kindly ask you to keep your camping area clean and take care of the nature surrounding you.
Cigarette butts are a big problem for our natural environment. The cigarette filter needs 10-15 years to decompose. Moreover, they are a massive risk for wildfires. So please don’t throw them away, use your pocket ashtray or the next bin.
Please take care of your neighbours at the camping ground. Be kind to each other and leave your soundsystem at home if you want to party just join one of our numerous floors.

In case you want to park your car on the festival site a carpass is needed. We do have enough space on our parking areas in front of the festival site in short walking distance where no car pass is needed.

NO CONFETTI! – As confetti isn’t environmental friendly and impossible to clean up at the beach or in the forest.
A few seconds of fun are followed by a huge amount of effort for cleaning up which is no fun at all and nearly impossible at the beach and in the forest.

Selling illegal drugs is strictly prohibited. Anyone selling drugs gets kicked out of the festival immediately and will be reported to the police.  

Please leave your dog at home! A festival isn’t a place for pets. Do your loved ones a favor and leave them at your family or friends place.

The minimum age to enter the festival is 18 – no exemptions. We reserve the right to control IDs and send people holding a festival ticket home in case they are’nt at legal age now. So please bring your valid ID. Student-ID, health insurance card or a copy of your ID are insufficient.

Open campfires are romantic, but dangerous. As our festival takes place in a beautiful natural environment the forest fire risk is very high. Due to that campfires and any other open fires are strictly forbidden.

First aid
You will find an ambulance at the festival ground. Please don’t hesitate to contact them if you or anyone around you needs help. Please take care of eachother.

Food and Drinks
At our food court you’ll find delicious vegan and vegetarian food and drinks. Any meat products must be labeled with the EU-wide bio seal.

Film and Photography
Taking photographs using unprofessional equipment is allowed. Cameras with interchangeable lens like are not allowed. Filming in general is forbidden!

Bringing glass to the festival site is prohibited as we want to reduce the amount of bottles to keep the risk of injury as well as the waste accumulation low.

Green Camping
All of our camping areas are green camping areas. There are no specified green areas.

Illegal objects
Any glass, weapons, animals, couches, generators, electric fridges, bulky waste of any sort, drugs, gas cartridge >450 gr., petrol cans or highly flammable substances, automobile batteries, explosive materials, torches, pyrotechnics, sound boxes, vuvuzelas, megaphones, PA-Systems are forbidden on the camping site. Moreover, unconstitutional flags, transparents, imprints, sticker and similar objects are strictly forbidden.
Please report any infringements to the securities or other staff of the festival.
In case you bring your gas cooker please take care that it is technical accurate and was build after DIN standards.

As kids won’t get entrance even accompanied by a parent. Please leave your kids with a babysitter or with your family.

Lost & Found
In case you found something bring it to our info point the person who lost it will thank you :). If you couldn’t find your lost stuff at the kiosk you can write an email after the festival to: lostandfound@artlake-festival.de.

Opening hours
The festival site opens at 2 o’clock pm on the 08th of August (Thursday). Please leave the festival site latest on Monday the 12th of August at 10 am. After 10 am everything will get tidiep up by us.

Our lake
We kindly ask you to swim in the bathing area only. These areas will be watched by lifeguards. At all other areas bathing is at your own risk.
Please do not use the lake as toilet or showers. You’ll find toilets and hot showers at our bathroom and mobile toilets located all over the festival site

In the following time frames there is a shuttle bus running back and forth from the train station Finsterwalde to the festival site:

Thursday: 12 am – 9 pm
Friday: 10 am – 9 pm
Saturday: 12 am – 6 pm
Sunday: 10 am – 9 pm
Monday: 10 am – 4 pm

price each way: 3,50 Euro

In case of a thunderstorm we ask you to leave the festival site and the lake immediately.
Avoid the forest, tents and pavilions. In case you have your car with you make yourself comfortable and offer free space to others until the storm is over.

Next to the bathroom you’ll find a water station with drinkable water which you can use around the clock.

At the entrance you’ll get your festival wristband for your valid ticket. This wristband is not transferable. There will be regular checks all over the festival site. Someone who doesn’t have a wristband has to leave the festival immediately.
In case your wristband is damaged please come to the entrance to get a new one. Lost wristbands won’t be replaced.

Please take care of your valuable belongings. Please take only the needed belongings with you and keep the rest safe in your car or with you.