The upper ticket shop is for all tix to our Artlake Berlin Sessions which will take place in May on an old ship in Friedrichshain, Berlin.

Below you’ll find a second ticket shop for tickets to Artlake Festival 2022 from 4th-7th August at Bergheider See.

The following is the ticket shop for tix to our Artlake Berlin Sessions. Each of them is curated around one of our eight LABS* – you’ll find more information about our lovely program in our Facebook Events and on Resident Advisor.

— 1€ per ticket goes to to support their incredible work in the aid of international refugees. Let’s keep those in mind who are still in camps like Moria and who have been denied entry into Fortress Europe for years while Europe is proving that it can actually welcome refugees easily with open arms. Let’s spread our solidarity and equality and help every person in need. All humans are the same! Anyone can become a refugee. It’s nothing you’re born with, it’s a circumstance that happens to you. —


The following second ticketshop is for all tickets to our Artlake Festival 2022 in August at Bergheider See.
Can’t wait to see you there! <3