Artlake 2019

With the utmost joy we start again for into a transcending four-day trip in the former lignite mines at „Bergheider See“ to exchange ideas about the essential topics of tomorrow, to learn from each other and to celebrate together.
Everyone who wants to know where, what and how can have a look and our beautiful map and check out our timtable!

You can download the MAP here: LINK
You can download the TIMETABLE here: LINK

Artlake Festival 2019 had a lot of innovations ready for you! Not only superficially in a new color world, and in the redesign of stages and places on the site, but also in content.

On the one hand, we introduced our new format LABS * this year. These are spaces for experiments and questions – each curated around certain contemporary issues through a wide range of artists, collectives, activists and initiatives. The different topics were being explored at the crossing of visual and performing arts, literature, film, discoursem workshops and installations.

Our LABS * had the following themes: Body | Climate | Create | Europe | Identity | Internet | Resistance | Truth 

On the other hand, we also wanted to innovate our curation this year. We introduced a quota, according to which at least half of the multi-disciplinary festival program was to be filled with female identifiers or gender compliant persons.

In addition, we set ourselves the goal of highlighting artists and cultural actors who represent migrant and post-migrant, female, queer, nonbinary and POC positions. We wanted to create the opportunity for self-representation, empowerment and solidarity.

Ultimately, we had a very diverse and international booking across all sectors – from Palestine to South America to Europe.

We also introduced an annual festival theme for the first time. For 2019 it was called FREE THE FUTURE.

We have kept this somewhat more open in the implementation in order to give the various artists a chance to interpret the theme in their own way. It was presented in various disciplines such as lectures, readings, workshops, exhibitions, discourses, film screenings, performances and installations.

At this point, we would like to thank all our partners and allies who brought exciting perspectives to this year’s Artlake Festival. To name just a few of them: Extinction Rebellion Deutschland, Die Offene Gesellschaft, Love Foundation Berlin, Zero Waste e.V., House of Living Colors, Guerilla Architects, Soneiro Collective, Selbstgebaute Musik, Museum für Werte, Trade Berlin, Eigenklang Kollektiv, Drink and Draw Berlin, Kollektiv Mailand Innenhof, Korbinian Verlag, Seawatch and many more.

Thanks to Die Offenene Gesellschaft and our friends from Selbstgebaute Musik, we have brought a shift to the region and integrated the neighbouring villages and cities into the creation and execution of the festival. We also want to maintain and develop this created connection in the future in order to anchor and interconnect ourselves in and with the region.

We have established our place “Raum” as a safe space where queer performances, talks and workshops were able to take place.
In addition, many LGTBQI + artists such as CherrYO! Kie, Baby Punk and House of Living Colors have been given a space elsewhere in the festival to connect and inspire each other. This should continue to develop in the coming years and be visible in all disciplines as well.

We know that we have changed a lot this year – and if you dare a lot, a lot can go well, but a lot can go wrong as well. That’s why we want to thank you once again for being so involved and giving us the confidence and freedom to make those changes.

We are always happy to hear feedback – whether it’s praise, criticism or just a GIF. Write to us at or via Facebook/Instagram.

Let us use such platforms and continue on this path into a free, open society. Let’s empower each other, keep our heads high and be different in this society!

shape, create, participate!