Before you get to familiarize yourself with this year’s line up, have a look at some of our favorite artists who played at Artlake Festival in the past few years!

Alma Linda, Arthur Robert, Ätna, Bebetta, BLVTH, Casimir von Oettinger, Dominik Eullberg, Electronic Elephant, Elliver, Faray, Ferdinand Dreyssig, Fit Bo Riva, Giant Rooks, Hazy Pockets, Heimlich Knüller, Hidden Spheres, Hoe_Mies, HRRSN Live, JANEIN, Jan Oberländer, Juba, K-Paul, Lexer, Martha van Straaten, Marvin Hey, Mat.Joe, Midas 104 Live, Mila Stern, Niconé, Niklas Ibach, Oliver Koletzki, René Pieux, RSS Disco, R Vincenzo, Schlepp Geist, Setz Schwarz Live, Simon Kaiser b2b Ace of Demons, Sonnensysteme, Viscerale, Vom Feinsten, Von Wegen Lisbeth, Woman

Below you’ll find the line up for Artlake Festival 2022 to which we’ll keep adding new artists until the line up is complete!