Voguing with Arigato Melody

Voguing has not only been in the public interest since the series “Pose”. Even the great documentary “Paris is Burning” in the late 1980s gave fascinating insights into the diversity of the US-American queer BPOC Voguing community. Voguing is not just a dance, but an attitude towards exclusion and intolerance.
Berlin has had a diverse community of Voguing for years. Here, Ariclenes Agostinho Garcia (Arigato Melody) has been well-known in the queer voguing scene for several years. Ariclenes is active in the crew “The House of Melody”, has founded an own dance project called FutureV and regularly gives workshops with queer refugees. During the workshop at the Artlake Festival you will first get an introduction to the history and essential voguing elements, which are brought together in the end to a choreography. Let’s pose!