Machine To Become_Woman

Experiment #9

Is a confrontative, provocative Performance that raises many questions and finds its own answers. We invite you to enter our machine with us, to make it run and experience the 9th version of our Becoming-woman Experiment. We have been questioning what exactly creates the woman, and who? If she even exists, what are the images we relate to her? And we have found no other way to stay true to the fluctuating answers we’ve found, than being in a constant state of improvisation and transformation to Become-woman. Initially inspired by Deleuzian concept of Becoming, then by The Cyborg Manifesto of Donna Haraway, the experiment consists in a dialogue between words, movement and music, and between performers and audience.
Credits: Konzept/Performance: Caroline Alves // Konzept/Performance/Musik: Natalie Riedelsheimer // Dramaturgie: Marie Yan // Künstlerische/Wissenschaftliche // Beratung: Nora Haakh //Kostüm: Andreina Vieira