Pupkulies & Rebecca

Straight from dance dreamland, the emotional pop chansons infect their minimal electro dress, thereby developing a sonic space in which contrary musical spectrums are reconciled in an almost magical way.

Even after many years on stage, the light-footed, experimental character of Pupkulies & Rebecca is never lost. Thus, on their albums, analog synthesizers and acoustic instruments are combined with pulsating house beats and refined with Rebecca’s lyrical vocals. Their engagements are as wide-ranging as their musical influences: from small cult clubs to large concert stages to catwalk shows, their electronically pulsating chansons enchant the connoisseur of good music.

Meanwhile, Pupkulies & Rebecca play all over the European festival and club landscape; a special love develops for the Fusion Festival in Lärz. On two different stages and four years in a row Pupkulies & Rebecca celebrate their design of electronic dance music.