Dorian Fecht

Growing up in a house project in the south of Stuttgart, Dorian Fecht came into contact with music and art at a young age. He learned to play the cello and enjoyed vocal training in the Stuttgart Boys’ Choir. In his youth he already toured with the choir and orchestra in which he played throughout Europe, North America and Brazil. As he grew older, his interest was first on Hip Hop and Rap until he moved to Dresden in 2015, where he first came in contact with electronic music. There he started djing, founded the collective Zirkulation and the podcast series PAN TONE with his friends and became part of the Love Foundation family. Musically, Dorian doesn’t like to be categorized. Very perfectionistic, he always takes his audience on an exciting journey. Mostly slow, sometimes dreamy, sometimes driving, sometimes purely electronic, sometimes mixed with world, classical or rap music.