Alma Linda

Born between the good-natured mountains and the far-reaching seas of Chile, raised in Italy, England, France and Germany, music is and has always been the greatest companion, best friend and trusted love of the multi-faceted Alma Linda. With an open heart and sharing soul, she wants to break down borders and built castles of hope and love. For her, in a world where our insecurities are turned into money, loving yourself becomes a political act.

The rhythms of different landscapes are her biggest inspiration: Andean music, hip hop, Arabic drums and jazz, united with the heart of electronic beats. In her powerful sets she blends these worlds, rhythms, cultures, melodies and musical memories into her most personal stories, delivered right from her bare soul. In doing so, fear, vulnerability and mistakes turn into creatures she’s trying to become friends with instead of running away from. So don’t run – just dance!