Retrospect 2018

Artlake Retrospect 2018

Looking back to last years summer, we couldn’t help ourselves but falling in love with it once again.

For the fifth time in Artlake’s history we gathered to experience art with all it’s faces. Together we danced and laughed, we created and discovered, we united through passion and became a family full of life and curiosity.

The Artlake Festival is no one less than you, our visitors. Your committet participation in countless workshops, discourses and get-together is what drives this festival. It is what drives us to create spaces such as the Birkenhain, a place where gender equality, climate change or reasons for people fleeing their countries are no longer just a matter of political instrumentalisation. Let’s talk about it!

Did you know, that there’s not only music to find on our stages? In between artists such as Martha van Straaten or Mehmet Asland we’ll always find some time to meditate, create our own art and leave little to the imagination sharing all kinds of artistic talents. Have a look behind the Barackes’ facade and you will see it’s true face brought to life trough the work of Monthana Hussein, Sebastian Jung or Janine Graubaum. Just to mention a few.

Let’s not forget about all the amazing musicians bringing us together and contributing to a very fundamental element of our philosophy: To connect people regardless of any background, race or sex. And which better way could there be than on the dancefloor. Which better way could there be than by creating your own music! It would’nt be called Artlake if there was no space and time for experiments and improvisation. So is the Flying Imro Deck, where everyone could learn „how-to-Dj“ just like Dominik Eulendberg did at the beach or Niconé did at Endlos.


Facing a bright 2019 Artlake future, it is all these foundations that we try to build on in order to create.  Create more room for music, for art, room to question and break down social strucutres only to rebuild them, more room for diversity and equality and last but not least more room to learn from oneanother. Including us! Feel very free to let us know about everything that’s on your mind.


A very honest thank you to every artist, musician, collective, helping hand and especially to our guests. You are bringing art to the lake.

See you in summer!
– Artlake Crew