Reschedule 2021

Dear Artlake Community,  


In the past year we were all confronted with a lot of setbacks – both in a private scope and on a global level. 

But in every crisis lies an opportunity – an opportunity to grow stronger, to learn from mistakes, to question oneself, to break new ground.  

And with precisely this optimism we are now starting the preparations for this year’s Artlake Festival. We are convinced that it is now more important than ever to use the catalysts of our time to advance the change that has been initiated in our society.  

Unfortunately, we have not yet received approval from the state of Brandenburg for our originally planned date in August, so we have to postpone our festival again.  

With the upcoming opening strategies and falling incidence values we feel positive that moving our date a few weeks later will make it much more feasible that our festival is able to happen and we can finally get together again.  

We are immensely looking forward to welcoming you to our lake in September:  


9. – 12. September 2021


The global push to critically question our white privilege and break down structurally racist systems is one of the turning points that will define the way history books will speak of our generation. Do we take advantage of the opportunities presented by this discourse or do we allow the cry for change to be silenced again? Will it become a “continue to improve” rather than a “continue as before”? It is in our hands and we are sure that we will vigorously press our need for change in society well in order to really make a difference. Fully inspired and driven by the motto: “The power of the people is stronger than the people in power”, we continue to set our sights high so as not to settle for too little.   

 Speaking of… – Together we are also looking forward to this “super election year” in Germany. The chances stand better than ever before to make our country more progressive. To finally give the “establishment” the middle finger and make them pay for all their failures and regressive thinking from the past.   

No one can predict with certainty what the results will be in September. Will we seize this opportunity, or will we feel too safe and let the opportunity to send a clear message pass us by? Will the young generation raise their voices loud enough to be able to shape their future with foresight? Will we finally say “goodbye yesterday” or stick to the status quo? 

The answers to many of these questions lie in our hands. Therefore, even more than ever:   

It’s our time – and it’s time to ACT WOW! 


We can’t wait to get together with you under the motto ACT WOW at Bergheider See for Artlake Festival 2021. Our time spent together should show us all new perspectives that we can integrate into our everyday lives beyond Artlake, inspiring others to create new alternatives for action. As this is exactly how we can mentally process this crisis together, here we start to make up for the time and interpersonal exchange that was taken away from us. We must not let this potential to create pass us by! 

Of course, a festival in Corona times will feel a little different than when there was no pandemic in a stranglehold on us. However, with our hygiene concept, we will do everything we can to ensure that everyone feels as safe as possible and that we can still switch off and let loose.  

We will gladly put up with all that, if it means we can soon be reunited and continue our exchange. We can’t wait!    

We are also delighted that so many of you have decided to carry over the validity of your tickets from 2020 into 2021 and want to be part of the next Artlake Festival again! 

If you can already foresee that you are not able to celebrate with us this year you have the option to return your ticket from last year to us.  

Due to the current situation, we now need a little more planning security than usual, so we ask you, that if you want to place a return to do so by August 6th 2021 at the latest. 

Just send us an email to and we will send you a personalized link to reverse the transaction.

For all spontaneous optimists within your friendship circle, there are still a few remaining tickets.
And while the following applies: Spread the word, not the virus!

Stay positive and safe, habibis!

Your Artlake crew