Artlake Berlin Sessions

Shape, create, participate!

As part of our Artlake Berlin Sessions, we hosted themed events for each of the LABS* Create, Internet, Climate and Europe that took place in May. In the following section we’re giving you a short overview of the events.

LAB* Create

Together with Marnie Feuerriegel we will dive into the world of contemporary oil painting, focusing on form, perspective, shadow, light and of course, colour! An overview of oil painting supplies and basic techniques will be explored before we dive into our own pieces. Simple objects will be provided but you are also welcome to bring your own special objects if you desire a more personal outcome to the painting lesson.

We will then head over to an intense Shibari session together with Heal Her collective, who will give us deeper insights into this Japanese bondage technique and also give us room and a safe space to try out some of these knots by ourselves. Let’s get creative!

LAB* Internet

We will start into the day with a workshop about phishing. What better way is there to understand phishing than by doing it by yourself? Phishing is one of the most widespread IT attacks, both on states, companies and individuals. And what contributes to this is that many online platforms regularly send out emails that would also work as absolutely solid phishing emails. In this workshop, phishing trainer Viktor will first explain to you how phishing emails work and how not to fall for them. In a second part, you will be guided to create your own phishing attack to understand how attackers think. Materials needed: A laptop is best, but you can also participate without one.

This will be followed by a talk from Kadir Keles about „How to own your data“. As most of us depend more on fast growing technologies, it’s difficult to track where we leave our digital footprint. Who keeps record of your location each second via your phone? Or which medical companies know about your health, better than you do? To clear up these questions, and find meaningful answers, we will go through fundamental concepts of data security and privacy. We can wait!

LAB* Europe

The whole evening under the LAB* Europe will be curated by our amazing friends from Sea Watch. Stay tuned for updates!

LAB* Climate

The whole evening under the LAB* Climate will be curated by our amazing friends from Love Foundation. Stay tuned for updates!

Location & Tickets

— 1€ per ticket goes to to support their incredible work towards international refugee aid. Let’s keep those in mind who are still in camps like Moria and who have been denied entry into Fortress Europe for years while Europe is proving that it can actually welcome refugees easily with open arms. Let’s spread our solidarity & equality and help every person in need. All humans are the same! Anyone can become a refugee. It’s nothing you’re born with, it’s a circumstance that happens to you. —