We are stoked our talented friend Stas is flying over from Budapest for this years Artlake Festival. He got involved with music first as a guitar player throughout elementary school. Being a fan of punk rock music during his teens It was a true game changer for him to discover that with the help of a digital audio workstation he could program all the instruments he could have ever wished for all by himself without an actual band. This was the moment he began experimenting with electronic music. Music production is ever since his tool to create the kind of music he didn’t find and wanted to listen to. Today Stas is one of the most active promoters of the tropical and global bass scene in Hungary and founder of Babylon Records delivering forward thinking music and artists worldwide.
His production is inspired by African, Middle-Eastern, Asian and South-American tribal music’s instrumentation and articulation which is then mixed with contemporary electronic music. The result is an exotic fusion of melodies, percussion and bass.