Sami Zibak

Born in the coastal city of Jaffa, SAMI ZIBAK is a well known figure among the alternative musical scene of the Middle East thanks to his unique contribution to the rising of Palestinian underground culture. His most important role in the Middle Eastern scene is him being the first queer Arab Dj out there as well as building the bridge for House Music to become part of the musical spectrum of his crowd. Sami’s sonic vision is an ecstatic samba of iconic glamorous house, soulful tribal sounds of the world, mixed with deep underground house realness. In his sets he interacts with many sub-cultures and riot movements such as his own Palestinian cultural revival, Chicago’s Afro-Latino queer history of House Music, Detroit’s futuristic spiritualism message, and NewYork’s new wave of deep house producers.¬†Experiencing Sami’s dance floor is a dazzling celebration of uniqueness, originality and freedom everybody is encouraged to participate while his journey as a Dj is a mission of spreading awareness and connecting the missing links between all parts of humanity’s mosaic.