Mario Verandi [Sound Performance]

The Iguazú Waterfalls are situated at the Argentinean-Brazilian border and consist of about 275 contrasting waterfalls with heights varying between 60 meters and 82 meters. Before the arrival of the first Europeans in 1541, the Waterfall area was land of the Tupi-Guaranies aborigines. They called the waterfalls “Yguasu”, which in Guarani language means “Big Waters”. Today the Iguazú area is an immense National Park shared between Argentina and Brazil. The subtropical jungle that surrounds the waterfalls is populated by more 450 different kinds of birds as well as monkeys, reptiles, insects and mammals. Mario Verandi made a wide variety of sound recordings at the Iguazu waterfalls. His live performance integrates the recorded material with electronic sounds to create a compelling sound experience that moves between the real and the surreal.

Mario Verandi is Argentinean composer and sound artist living in Berlin. His artistic output is quite wide-ranging and ecletic and includes electroacoustic music, audiovisual performances, sound installations, radio works as well as several collaborations with different artists. A distinct characteristic of his work is the exploration of the poetic and evocative potential of natural and human-produced sounds and their incorporation into artistic contexts. His works habe been performed in festivals such as Multiphonies GRM(Paris), Donaueschinger Musiktage, Kontakte Berlin, MaerzMusik, Festival Futura (France) and Stockholm Electronic Music Festival.