Let’s talk about Utopia and well … Dystopia! [Talk]


We all try to improve our being in our day to day life. But have you ever thought “What is our ideal society?” or “What is that promising Utopia that we can live, dream and act based on it?”

Utopianism has existed in every culture for a long time. You can imagine the first hunter and gather community also were thinking of how to make their tribe to the best possible situation. Everywhere utopianism has held out hope of a better life, and at the same time there are questions about how it is possible to implement it.

Utopianism has brought people to great efforts of making an actual betterment, and it has been misused by others to gain power, prestige, money, … for themselves. And some utopias have been turned into dystopias, while other utopias have been used to defeat these same dystopias.

In this talk we will review how in modern history and literature, Utopia has been practiced and what was its outcome. Also we will check out different examples of the current status of it in the world of 21st century. You will be surprised to get to know more cases that probably is connected to what you think now.

“We can hope, fail, and hope again. We can live with repeated failure and still improve the societies we build.”