Haifa Independent Film Festival [Film]

The Haifa Independent Film Festival (HIFF) works to present films from Palestine, the Arab world, and international productions to a diverse audience with the goal to celebrate the power of storytelling. Next, to its cultural outreach, HIFF also functions as an independent platform for Palestinians, empowering local independent filmmaking in Palestine, creative expression, and cultural education. HIFF’s local aim is to celebrate both: emerging and established artists and cultural productions in and from Palestine. At the same time, the Haifa Independent Film Festival aspires to create a cultural crossing between Haifa and unreachable and prohibited parts of the Arab world. That way, HIFF allows a leap out of our inner and inter-cultural constraints that have been prevalent for too long. Within Palestine, there are multiple productions of moving pictures that are screened annually in front of international audiences. However, the Haifa Independent Film Festival is the first one of its kind to host a local stage for local talents, bringing together the prominent, the emerging, and the unacknowledged talents of Palestine.